Annual Report 2021


This has been an incredible year and I am immensely proud of our
volunteers who enabled us to continue non-stop during the Covid
lockdowns and provide the urgent support so many children needed.
This year we supported more children than ever.

We also had a major anniversary on March 28th when we celebrated our
first five years! We have come so far over the intervening years, but our
key principles have never wavered. We continue to focus on the positive;
making a difference to the lives of hundreds of vulnerable children each
month, enabling wonderful people in our community to reach out to help
children in need in a tangible meaningful way by sharing their pre-loved
children’s clothing, linen, cots, prams and everything! And our wonderful
volunteers who say “no” to poverty and inequality.

Whatever the causes, the bottom line is that children should not have to
suffer for deficiencies in our society. We Care has no barriers, if there is a
child in need then enough said.

Of all our successes over the year, perhaps the one I am most delighted
with is our overarching “value add” program that increases the quality
and impact of what we do. Our volunteers over-achieved in our target of
implementing ‘at least one value-add initiative per month’ and the range
and quality of what we do continues to expand. This is what it’s all about,
being poor should never mean feeling second best.

Thank you, all our volunteers, all our community supporters and our
wonderful funders. The We Care Village is a fabulous place!

Derryck Klarkowski CEO